Hannah’s Song – Jed Bayes


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Hannah’s Song
(Jed Bayes, Paul Malhotra)

This song is dedicated to Mrs. Terri Williams, who lost her daughter Hannah Emmaline Williams at the age of 18.

When I heard the news that a fellow Liberty University student had been killed in a terrible train accident my heart just wept. I was in a songwriting class with my co-writer Paul Malhotra and we were assigned to write a song about heaven. The first thing we knew to do was to write a song that would come from the perspective of God talking to Hannah’s parents. He would tell them that everything was OK. He would hold their tears and hear their cries. He knew how they were feeling because He too has endured the pain of having His child die. Once we wrote the song we knew that we needed to get it to Hannah’s parents somehow. So we asked around to see if we could find their information but no luck. Then my wife (then girlfriend) Emily asked if I knew the girl that had died at Liberty, because she went to the same high school as her and knows the parents! I couldn’t believe it! God had connected me to the family so that they could hear the song! And when this video was filmed at my senior recital Hannah’s mom Terri was able to make it up to hear it live for the first time. This story is one that I give God all the credit for, because only He could put something like this all together. Hannah was a very special person and even though I never met her many people that knew her said she was one of a kind. In her memory there is a scholarship fund used to help those at Liberty who need financial support. If you would like to make donations to the Hannah Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund please contact Terri Williams at terri.d.williams.12@facebook.com



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